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Benefits of Shiatsu



We are committed to supporting your journey to health and wellness. Shiatsu can help no matter where you are along the path. In addition to the conditions listed on the Home page, shiatsu also:

• Helps relieve muscle stiffness and tension

• Stimulates the skin and circulation

• Regulates the nervous system

• Enhanced energy

• Aids proper digestion

• Relaxes AND invigorates

• Maintains good health



Your shiatsu therapy session takes place in a clean, peaceful space with soft music, natural light and the gentle splash of a fountain. Unlike standard massage therapy tables, ours are low and wide. Your therapist can get right on the table and use body weight for effective pressure.

Our clients LOVE the body cushions which are ergonomically designed to put you into an ‘alpha state’ of blissful relaxation. . . ahhhhh. . .


shiatsu stretch


When You Come to Your Session: shiatsu treatment

We don’t use any lotions or oils in our practice, so you can enjoy your shiatsu session fully dressed. Just wear loose, comfy clothes – no jeans please. Also, refrain from eating a meal beforehand. If you are a new client please arrive early to fill out a health history form. Or you can download one here, fill it out and bring it to your session.






Shiatsu is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is 5000 years old! TCM includes five essential ways to treat illness:

• Using specific foods as medicine

• Using specific herbal formulas as medicine

• Energy-based bodywork therapy

• Energy-based exercise such as Tai Qi or QiGong

• Acupuncture

What is Qi (pron. ‘chee’)?


Chinese symbol for Qi

The concept of Qi is the basis of our Shiatsu practice and TCM’s system. Qi means life energy. Eastern medicine and philosophy recognized millennia ago that everything is energy – a concept that is now recognized by quantum physics.

Qi flows through everybody and everything, and illness is out-of-balance Qi in our body/mind/spirit matrix. During a Shiatsu session we work on the TCM points and pathways (meridians) through which the Qi flows. The result is better health!




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