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Many years ago when I was feeling ill, my Japanese friend (who was living with me at the time), said she would make some healing food for me. She made “congee”, a thin, soupy porridge made from rice, which is very easy to digest. In many cultures this type of food is recommended during an […]

It has been a long winter for us here in Minnesota. Laurel wrote about Winter and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in our last newsletter. I’m here to write about Spring and TCM, even though there’s still snow on the ground! TCM places great importance on the changing of the seasons. Five Element Theory is one […]

According to TCM, the element of Winter is Water and corresponds to the Kidney and Bladder meridians. The Kidney and Bladder meridians run through the leg. Maladies associated with Kidney and Bladder disharmonies include lower back problems, insomnia, impotence and infertility, poor memory, and problems with urination among others.   In TCM Kidney “Qi” (energy) […]