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Sondra Samos



Sondra Samos Shiatsu ThearapistSondra is a registered Occupational Therapist (O.T.) with over 20 years of experience, primarily in mental health. She became professionally interested in Shiatsu after personally experiencing its healing benefits, both mental and physical. In 2002, she received certification as an Asian Bodywork Therapist from CenterPoint in Minneapolis, and began her work at the Burnsville Shiatsu Center (BSC).

Sondra has additional training in Reflexology, Hospice Massage, Shiatsu for Occupational Therapy, and Yoga/Mindfulness for Depression and Anxiety. In addition to her work at BSC, she provides Shiatsu and O.T. services to residents with dementia and Alzheimers living in metro Memory Care facilities.

In her spare time Sondra enjoys quilting, hiking, cross country skiing, show shoeing, swimming and reading. She also likes to give Shiatsu treatments to her husband.

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